Tuesday, January 15, 2013


In a backwater of my mind there is a rickety bridge.  Underneath the bridge there lives a miserable troll.  The troll despises most everything, including himself.  Sometimes the troll has some valid points to make about the world, but even a miserable troll, like a broken clock, is right twice a day.  The troll probably would be less miserable if he lived somewhere other than underneath a rickety backwater bridge.  He's a troll, though.  That's where trolls live.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I think that whether a record gets made hinges on the dealing with the truth that neither you nor your colleagues will ever achieve a perfected state of preparedness to make a record.  More time and more resources expended (usually of the financial kind) correlate with a higher-quality result.  Nevertheless, such inputs yield diminishing returns, and time and money become more comparably valuable if expended elsewhere.  The determination to be made must therefore be, first, how much resources expended will be sufficient to yield a good result and, then, whether the resources expended sufficient for a good result are most valuable by virtue of their being expended particularly toward this good result.

Very poor people on our planet engage in this kind of figuring at least once a day, and most likely never with regard to the question of whether to make a "10 record of music.

Recording commences Thursday.