Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let No One Put Us Under

Go West always will define the Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra. It is our first score to a feature-length silent. It is our introduction to Silent Era film. It is the first romantic encounter with the love of our life. However furtive and bashful we were at times in composing our score, by the end of our premiere performance of Go West at Webster University we had declared our love and made known our intentions.

We were hitched. To this day we remain smitten.

It seemed only fitting, then, to capstone our September El Leñadency with a romantic renewal of vows upon the fourth anniversary of our making them: performing our score in accompaniment of Buster Keaton's Go West.

This coming Monday evening's anniversary party could have been canceled. As we are saving every dollar for a new touring van, our paying a fee for permission to screen Go West would have put us under. We are fortunate enough to have friends and family who are willing to donate their hard-earned money to secure the permission to screen Go West. The majority of the funds raised come from donors who live outside of and far from St. Louis - friends and family from Arizona ... to Colorado ... to Northern Illinois. These donors won't be able to see and hear Monday night's screening, but they believe that it's important enough of an event in its own right to make possible. We are forever grateful and humbled.

Also coming from out of town to our rescue is Googolplexia, a.k.a. Mustard RØB.
While Mustard RØB hails from right here in St. Louis, he's been touring the country for the past three weeks. He's returning in triumph to El Leñador this coming Monday evening. After his opening set, he'll help us thank the donors who made Go West possible. Prepare yourselves for a very special recitatif backed by the R&P MPO.

Come celebrate our love this Monday night.


10PM: Googolplexia

11PM: Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra performs its score in accompaniment of Keaton's Go West

Monday, September 26th
10PM Music Time
El Leñador
3124 Cherokee St. STL MO

21+, free admission (but donations welcome and appreciated)


  1. I finally got the video up from the Googolplexia set from this night, all tagged and titled and whatnot - - The Thank-You Recitatif is at the very end, 20:20. I am loving the really thick distorted-uke sound on this video (in that first song, just after the first recitatif, starting around 01:26).